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Wednesday 16.11.

The topic of security is often times pushed to the backburner and is in the lecture program INNOSCENE very reason the very beginning. Lectures on proper positioning and excellent presentation events to follow. To the end of the day there is an update to the relevant guidelines for places of assembly and temporary structures.

Frank Preuss

Frank Preuss

„… the show must go on …“

The presentation has a legal pro-seminar character with a very clear reference to practice and the industry. Liability and insurance problems by the event production, legal relationships, tasks and responsibilities and the liabilities resulting from this for the planning and execution of events are the topics of the presentation.

Frank Preuss is the managing director of the VDMV GmbH, instructor at the "Deutsche Event Akademie" (German Event Academy) and assistant professor at the FH Hannover.

Peter Swatschenko

1:00 PM
Peter Sawtschenko

„Energy resonance positioning“

The new corporate strategy is based on scientific knowledge and is based on the principles and legalities of factors of success. The energy resonance positioning is the key strategy in the competition of the future.

Peter Sawtschenko, guest lecturer at the University Frankfurt, was the winner of the 2007 strategy prize and in 2009 and 2010, he received the Conga award as one of the "10 best lecturers and trainers".

Peter Blach und Michael Hosang

2:00 PM
Peter Blach
Michael Hosang

„Best of Event Award - BEA und INA 2011“

BEA and INA are among the most important distinctions in the live communication worldwide. With the BEA; the evaluation of the creativity of events is in the foreground, by the INA the quality of the next generation. Backgrounds and practical examples of the BEA BlachReport Event Award 2011 and INA International Nachwuchs Event Award 2011 competitions. Among other things, videos and visuals from the winners will be shown.

Peter Blach is the editor-in-chief of the BlachReport.
Michael Hosang is the managing director of the institute of studies for communication.

Friedrich Baer

3:00 PM
Friedrich Baer

„M-VStättV vs. M-FlBauR“

An observation of the important similarities and differences by the two rules and their importance for the construction and operation of places of public assembly and flying constructions.

Friedrich Baer is a tested master for event technology. The officer for places of public assembly is a lecturer at, for example, IECA, Mannheim and Macromedia HS for media and communication, Stuttgart.





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