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Evening program 2011

Move presents Elements in Concert,
a show with two Bea Awards

November 16 - 18, 2011 - starting at 6:00 PM

The show entices the spectators into dreamlike worlds while simultaneously associating the current topic of the environment and sustainability. "Elements in Concert" will treat you to a fascinating media art performance involving fire, water, earth and air.

The basic concept consists of a perfectly produced interplay between a lively multimedia setting and live performance.

By focusing on the beauty of nature, "Elements in Concert" directs the audience‘s gaze toward the sensitive topic of the environment. The show stimulates sustainable thinking in an artistic and moving way. The audience is won-over and positively enthused about a currently relevant topic. The spectators experience a fascinating combination of music, art and visual multimedia effects. Video projections in connection with live performances add to an impressive state of the art setting.

The mystical depths of water, embodied in the jointly produced choreography by Move and Lotta Svalberg, become an adventure of the flowing movements of light, bodies and live singing and music. Earthly sounds, visions and African dances ensure catchy rhythms, which suddenly transition into dream-like, heavenly images and dynamic aerial acrobatics. The "fire dance" allows the spectators to experience the alluring power of fire in a passionately romantic pas des deux, ending in a fiery and explosive finale. Multimedia visions, dancers, musicians and acrobats accompany us through the world of the elements.

With the pulse of nature, "Elements in Concert" perfectly integrates into the INNOSCENE 11, which this year will present event solutions in their own tent under the aspect of resource preservation and sustainability.

Visit the INNOSCENE and experience the exciting show up close and personal!


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